MMDA's Proposed Traffic Schemes

A number of new traffic schemes have been implemented over the past few months. The motoring public has agreed on some, while other schemes have stirred serious conversations and further issues. Here are updates from the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority or MMDA on which proposed traffic schemes have been approved or not.

The MMDA have proposed several traffic schemes to the Metro Manila Council during the meeting with the mayor. According to the agency, the proposal includes the request of the Congressmen for immunity from any apprehension.

Additionally, the MMDA also proposed the "one way, all the way" in EDSA and C5 although it was disapproved.

Moreover, the proposed "odd-even" number coding scheme has been recommended for further study as that's how policies and traffic schemes are being implemented, according to the MMDA.

On the other hand, the agency says that the approved proposals include the carpooling system which means that motorists who are riding by themselves are not authorized to use EDSA.

With this, the MMDA says that they are already working on the IRR of the carpooling system.

The MMDA adds once the IRR is completed, the agency will be looking to propose another policy regarding the tints of the car to ensure the effective apprehension of motorists who will violate the rules and regulations in carpooling.

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