Suzuki PH Launches the New Vitara GLX

Suzuki Philippines recently launched the new Vitara GLX in an event held at the Metrotent Convention Center in Pasig City. According to Suzuki, the new generation Vitara is designed to match the growing automotive market in the country. Additionally, the Vitara has upgraded the heritage design of the Suzuki SUV through incorporating modern elements.

Suzuki presented the new Vitara GLX with an exterior design that exudes a strong yet sophisticated presence achieved through the modernized Suzuki SUV signature clamshell bonnet. The side press lines and smooth roofline suggest a youthful, rugged look, and strong aerodynamic performance.

Inside the new GLX, the design combines muscular contours and a sporty feel. The seats use high-quality fabric which gives an even classier feel.

According to Suzuki, the new GLX allows drivers to express individuality with its various colors and designs.

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